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August 16, 2008


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Hello Manny,
While I stumble over Bobbit's three paradoxes, I think he's on the right track here.

One thread dangles from his tapestry, though. That is the transnational movement. This movement could be construed as progress towards "minimizing the effects of competition through cooperation." But it could also spell the end of Bobbit's thesis, which, by my admittedly limited reading, appears to be founded on the maintenance of administrable borders and republican nation-states.

That said, and to answer your question, I think McCain is best equipped to steward America through Bobbit's predicted transition. The reason is, Obama's politics dwell too much in the divisive political theater of Political Correctness and the new "tribalism," which leave a nation like mine divided and unable to adopt civil goals together.

The need for communalism in pursuit of national transition is one of Bobbit's prerequisites for succeeding in the transition. If McCain is elected without the 8% of the electorate promised by Obama's candidacy, African Americans, McCain can still lead a solid majority of Americans towards common goals. But if Obama wins, his coalition will be obsessed with "Oppression Studies" and undermined by infighting over expansion of the welfare state.

All this will come at the expense of the national unity which predicates success in Bobbit's project.

On a headier note: any thesis that is framed around paradoxes can never be proven incorrect. In fact, it strikes me as a Foucault-ian pluralist construct that won't permit itself the grace of scholarly rebuttal.


Russia looks Fascist to me and becoming more so every day but I think the author is just putting a new, more acceptable label onto it. http://www.rense.com/general37/char.htm

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