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October 15, 2007


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Did I mention I liked the post?


yeah. *blush*. Well, at least YOU read my posts !

I am busting my brain wondering what the heck the world would look like if this vote passes. This is bigger than the "Orange Mistake", where the Bush administration decided to start a new cold war and push Russia into an alliance with Iran, China and co.

Step one: invasion of Kurdistan, averted at the last moment, for now, but for how much longer ?

Step two: US troops out, supply routes, air routes into Iraq cut?

Step three: diplomatic cover for Syria, Iran?

Step four: ties cut w Israel ?

Step five: aggressive posturing on Greek border, Agean sea ?

Hmmm... I could also see an Ataturkist coup somewhere along the way, desperate times and all... Perhaps not all negative.


Step One is already commencing.

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