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September 14, 2008


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Excellent expose, Manny! Keep up the good work.

No one who is paying attention will miss the fact that these factual errors aren't editing errors. They are outright lies.

My guess is, most journalism degree programs are encouraging dishonesty in their graduates. Or, that global media are colluding in the (dis)information market in ways that, if they were petroleum companies or railroad corporations, I can guarantee you, they'd be dragged in front of an "Anti-trust" commission.

The entire industry should be reviewed in America's legislature, not in order to regulate it, but to expose it for what it is.

BTW: the oft-proposed (by the Left) "fairness doctrine" never addresses the information markets, it only codifies bureaucratic "fairness" and then enforces it on select media organizations. This will have the dual effects of, 1. permanently instituting certain for-profit news-shows as licensed fora for "fairness" (Orwell would smirk), and 2, cloak a dysfunctional media market in layers of government bureaucracy. The Left wins with both.




That, unfortunately, is not my handiwork. The credit belongs entirely to one of Auspundits' contributors, Lounge Lizard.


Credit where it's due! Thanks, Lounge Lizard.

(I was confused by Manny's' "posted by" under the post. Dern!)

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