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October 05, 2007


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Jim Franklin

Fair enough, and then there's the other kind of withering away of the state, where its writ doesn't run outside the capital (or maybe the presidential palace), like in the Congo and other failed states. That's worse than Stalinist-style capture of the state by the party apparatus.

However, there are states and states. Absolutist states like Pharaonic Egypt or Louis XIV's France were not truly awful but not great. Constitutional states are the ones to admire.



See this at Cato Unbound.

Jim Franklin

Those anarchists should go back to Transnistria where they belong (though they'll have to ignore their own governments' travel warnings). The alleged empirical evidence for the success of anarchy is mostly false. For example, the claim that there were no police in England before the 19th century makes it a mystery who rounded up all those criminals on the First Fleet. And it is untrue that international contacts are anarchic - you can sue across boundaries (and international banking, for example, is very heavily and uniformly regulated). And as for holding up Somalia as a success, well, I couldn't have thought of a better reductio myself.



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